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> Things you shouldn’t compare to the Holocaust: things that aren’t the…

Cool bro, except I posted that about 9-10 hours ago, which in Denver would be late at night, I presume. So yeah, joke’s on you, asspot. And lol look at Mr. White Knight over here, saving all the cute little animals from our evil, rapey clutches, one Tumblr post at a time. Seriously, just go back to spamming the YouTube comments with your amateur music. No one wants you here.

Now, whether or not you lack the compassion to care for animals is your deal, but I will NOT be insulted by an arrogant, half-educated dilettante.

First off, if it was my deal, then you would have realized this and left the original post alone from the very beginning. 

Also, your hypocrisy really shines through here. When I made the original argument, I actually took the time to argue and dispute each and every single one your points, and all you did was call everyone who argued with you a sub-intelligent human without even really trying to refute any of the arguments we made. 

I have honed my musical taste and ability for my entire life, and they are far more advanced than you and any of your basic capabilities could ever even aspire to be.You haven’t given yourself to art.

You obviously know nothing about me. Here’s a brief introduction to who I am; I am an architecture student. I’ve been drawing and sketching since I was 2. When I drew in class, I got so much shit for it. I used to get yelled at, spanked, told that ‘there’s no future in your sketching, focus on your studies’. Did I give a shit? No, I kept drawing anyway. I graduated from Visual Arts IB with a 6 (above world average), and now I’m majoring in Bachelor of Architecture because I gave two shits what everyone told me to do. I got an A- in my most recent studio course.

I think as far as art is concerned, I’m doing pretty frickin’ well. 

You certainly don’t have the intellectual acumen to even disprove basic vegan standpoints, and your ego doesn’t do shit to help you.

If you recall, that’s precisely what I did. Also, if we’re talking about ego, you telling me ‘I haven’t given myself to art’ when you know shit about me or my artistic career is yet another sign of hypocrisy, so we have two signs so far.

You could never, hard as you might try, make me give up my ethics; and your elementary interests and internet-addled mind will never lead you to an appreciation for any form of art.

I explained to you my artistic history. I don’t think we need further comment.

You will never live a significant life; you will regress into the depths of meaninglessness and be forgotten. Fuck you, your mediocrity, and your bullshit arguments, you fucking harridan. Here’s what I mean by rape, slavery and a holocaust of animals. It is the stark reality and there is absolutely no way for you to refute it.

I had a feeling you were referring to this, and so was OP when she posted this in the first place. I already explained why that’s not true; if you don’t want to read, if you will allow nothing to sink into that stubborn, thick skull of yours, it’s your problem. Don’t blame me for the mental capacity that you don’t have. 

Your turning a blind eye to it doesn’t make it vanish. Your density is the calling card of a genuine asshole. Have you no scruples?

Really? My scruples? Because so far, here’s the verbal abuse you gave me:

  • moron who should just fucking die
  • mental invalid
So that’s how many instances of hypocrisy so far? Three?
Also, since we’re referring to blind eye, when I mentioned that plants basically lead the same lives that slaves metaphorically do, you said you stopped reading there.
Have you read the paragraph where I stated that there is, in fact, slavery and human trafficking in agriculture? That your vegan diet may very well be brought to you by human slave trade? Humans who do, in fact, get raped, enslaved, beaten and abused? Humans who live in shitty conditions? Humans who have made to feel as though their lives are worthless and they allow themselves to be exploited and have nothing else to offer?
No, no you haven’t, you just read the plant paragraph, decided ‘oh lol wut she talkin bout imma laff at u hurr hurr’, and left it at that. 

 The fact that animal products taste good doesn’t nullify the purpose of what I’m doing.

Again, if you’d read my post, you’d realize I’d explained it is about much more than that.

  • Part of the food network. You know those lines and circles you took in middle school biology that teach you about what eats what in the ecosystem? We’re a part of that, like so many other predators. If it’s natural for them to eat animals, then it’s natural for us to eat them too.
  • Alot of nutrients humans NEED only come from non-vegan products naturally. Stuff like iron, vitamin A, vitamin D, calcium…those aren’t luxuries. Those are nutritional necessities. Without those, our growth is stunted, our health is compromised, we could get alot of malnutrition-related conditions and diseases; anemia, osteoporosis. Not everyone has the money to buy vitamin pills. Meat, however…

But, you will never realize any of this, and I find comfort in the fact that you will someday be dead and motionless (or rather, ‘enslaved’, by your diction).

Yes. We all will die. I will die, you will die, no one lives forever. Also, when we die, we get digested and eaten by worms and nitrifying bacteria, and we become a part of the carbon cycle and feed into the food network from the very bottom and work our way back up to humans all over again. 

Just…deal with it. Jeez.

Your impending responses of “U mad?” and “Cool story, bro,” will only attest to your own hubris, so just fucking save it.

Y’know, you have yourself a pretty skewed sense of standards.

When you were dishing out pure verbal abuse to what I wrote, I didn’t give a single fuck. 

However, the minute I strike you back, you go all balls up the fucking wall and wrote this long, epic response. 

This tells me that you are, in fact, very mad, and you didn’t expect me to come back at you with this big a blow. Apparently, you didn’t expect me to give you a meaningful reply, either. You’re just some spoiled, sheltered brat who thought he could dish out all the preachiness and insults that he wanted without being countered because he thinks he’s untouchable. 

Please, though, do notice that when you called me a mental invalid and said I should just go fucking die that I didn’t give a single shit. I didn’t go bat-shit; it wasn’t worth it. It’s just a troll comment like any troll comment because you don’t have the intellectual capacity to come up with a more striking come-back. You, however, decided to go ape-shit when I made that Youtube amateur comment. 

See what happened there? Learn your lesson, kid; you’re going to need to if you’re going to stay on the internet for much longer.